Beepo breaks its own employee satisfaction rate over.

Beepo Breaks Its Own Record For Highest Satisfaction Rate

by: Patricia Katigbak |


CLARKFIELD, PAMPANGA — From last quarter’s 94.20 to 95.65% satisfaction rate. Majority of the responses showed that Beepo employees are satisfied with their work.

This is one of the highlights of the recently concluded Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted at Beepo Inc. for Q4 of 2015-2016, following the Australian Financial Year. Survey results strongly suggest that, for the most part, respondents get excited about going to work and are happy about the professional work environment, fun and friendly culture, as well as the work-life balance that the company has been espousing from the get-go.

On August 29 of this year, Beepo sent out a quarterly Employee Satisfaction Survey to all of its staff as a way of getting honest feedback from all its employees. The list of questions are sent out via SurveyMonkey, where staff can opt for answering them anonymously.

“Our Employee Satisfaction Survey is a critical tool in ensuring that our staff at Beepo have a voice in expressing what they enjoy about working for the Company, any improvements they recommend and an opportunity to express their individual ideas and recommendations on how we can continue to make Beepo the number one choice for employment throughout the Philippines,” explained Matt Garrett, General Manager of Beepo.

Furthermore, the results showed that Beepo’s greatest strength lies on its people. According to the staff, the level of professionalism and sophistication in the workplace is highly commendable.

Beepo Inc. regularly carries out employee surveys for each quarter to help the Management Team align its workplace actions and strategies with its future goals. All of these will be realised by starting from its policies, incentives, IT infrastructure, among others.

Trailing back into the survey results of the past quarters, the company has consistently been on an upward trajectory. The current quarter’s score is the highest rating that the company has ever obtained in two years, implying a continuous improvement as time goes by.

The 100% Australian-owned professional BPO company is on a mission of further improving its overall services and processes in preparation for its goal of 5000 employees in the next five years.