How to Ace your interview tips Infographic.

Beepo ways to ace that interview

by: Patricia Katigbak |


Be on time

In the working world time costs money, every second that ticks away is important, respect that. Never let the interviewer wait because the longer he waits, the greater the loss and that’s not something you want to cause. Make most of the time you have in preparing for the interview, make sure you have everything you need; resume, ID’s and certificates.

Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early, so in case anything happens on the road you would have extra time to spare. But if being late is inevitable, inform the interviewer immediately. It is better that way than showing up out-of-nowhere without any notification.

While waiting at the site, take time to breathe in the environment, familiarize yourself with everything that is happening around you because sometimes there are small hints that you could use to prepare you even more for the interview. A simple plaque of recognition displayed on their “Cabinet of fame” or a throwback landscape photo of the company that’s tagged “Since 1890” are useful informations that could add to the knowledge you gained searching their  “About Us” on Google last night.

Expect the Unexpected

Not all interviews are the same, your interview last week with Forever 21 is not the same interview you’re about to have with San Miguel. Prepare yourself, research about the position you are applying for; the duties and responsibilities that is expected and the requirements they are seeking. That way you will have enough knowledge to see if the position is fit for you.

Keep in mind that anything can happen during the interview. The questions that will be asked may not be as mainstream as you thought they would be, there are times that the question will have you thinking that you might as well have ended your answer with “and World Peace” because of it’s beauty pageant quality. But those type of questions are almost as essential as “What do you know about marketing?” because they can determine your thought processes and how quickly you can come up with ideas; or it could even say a little about your personality.

Have a high expectation especially with regard to the Interviewer. Set your mind into thinking that the he would be just exactly like that terror professor you had for College Algebra that way you will be able to prepare yourself for whatever jack-in-the-box surprise you’re in during the interview. Don’t let the interviewer get the best of you, be firm and steadfast.


You’re part of the interview, recognize that. Engage in conversation with the interviewer try to make small talk, don’t only speak when asked, establish good rapport and share what you have in mind. Not only will it show the interviewer your enthusiasm and confidence but at the same time it’ll relieve you of tension and stress. The more you speak the more confidence you gain but make sure everything you say is relevant to the question or to the interview itself.

Usually the most important question comes at the end of the interview, there are times when it could actually make or break your chances; “Do you have any questions?”. Yes!  Ask! No matter how subtle or shallow the question is as long as it’s relevant, don’t be afraid to ask. Interviewers love that because it shows your interest in the company and in the position you are applying for. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain, so ask.


The moment you walk into the interview room everything commences even before the interview starts. You are being observed and assessed with every move and action you make; from the handshake to the moment you leave the room.

Throughout the interview keep your poise at it’s best, maintain good posture, smile and exert confidence. Let that neat dress or suite serve its purpose, don’t let it go to waste.

No matter how bad you think the interview is going don’t let it bother you, or else it will give off a negative vibe that won’t be in your favor. Carry yourself well, smile, hold your chin up and maintain eye contact especially when answering questions. Put conviction in your answers, appear sure. This will show the interviewer that you know what you want and what your are talking about. Show off your sophistication and professional character.

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”. – Henrik Ibsen

Oh and that handshake? Make it firm.

Own it!

Come to the interview to win, if you want it take it! Remember that you’re not only competing with other candidates but also with yourself (and your hesitations). Highlight your strengths and amplify your achievements, give yourself the edge, sell yourself and let the interviewer know and feel that you’re the top candidate. Rise above their expectations, no reservations; it’s your moment, own it!.