How to get out of that vacation slump and re-focus on working remotely

by: Patricia Katigbak |


After 11 long months of hard work paired with 8 months of working remotely due to a nationwide quarantine, the Christmas holidays were what every Filipino worker had been waiting for. It meant more time to spend with family, gave us a way to de-stress and reset our busy minds and just enjoy the break – leaving work and 2020 behind.

But, what happens when the holidays are over and you have but a few days till you start working again? Don’t worry, we’re here to help here. Here are 5 top tips for you to get you back into the swing of things at work and help you work remotely, successfully:

  1. Don’t rush to get back to work

    Everyone needs some time to get back into the groove of things. It’s important to not get ahead of yourself especially when you just came back from holidays. See if you can take a couple of days, just before you start working again, to recover, let the holidays sink in, and prepare yourself before heading back to work.

    You can do errands such as cleaning the house, giving your dogs a bath, spend time with your kids and the rest of the family and so much more. Also, it’s important to self-indulge and treat yourself before getting back to work.

  2. Ease your way back into work by planning ahead

    To not overwhelm yourself with work on your first week try either the day of returning to work or the morning of, taking some time to breathe and plan out your day by doing a to-do list; make sure to spread out the tasks you need to do for the rest of the week.

    If you are to do this a day before work starts, make sure to know what you’re in for and plan your week or day out. If you do this in the morning, be sure to give yourself space to be alone with your thoughts.

  3. Prioritise what’s important

    There is no doubt that coming back to work may seem very daunting, but don’t pressure yourself to do everything in one go. Prioritise the things that are most important. You can start off with old tasks you may have postponed before you went on vacation. That way, it will give you a sense of normality with the work you are doing. After that, work your way into the scheduled tasks you have allocated and go from there.

  4. Take small breaks throughout the day

    For you to not feel tired or burned out with work in your first week or day returning back from the holidays, make sure to take small breaks throughout the day. Even if it’s 5 minutes to grab a coffee, or go for a quick walk, these are some ways to just clear your mind and help you re-adjust.

    Don’t let yourself be confined to your work desk for your whole shift. Give yourself time for you to have ‘breathers’ throughout the day. Maybe take a walk after you had lunch just to reset and ready yourself to work again with a fresh mindset.

  5. Try to leave work on the dot

    The first week on board after a long holiday can feel like it drags on. So, unless you have strict deadlines that require a bit of overtime, log off from work as soon as your shift ends. This will help you mentally reset your routine at work and give you a fresh start for the year 2021. By setting boundaries like this, you will not overwork yourself. This is a great tip if one of your new year’s resolutions is work-life balance.

  6. Coming back to work from the Christmas break can be challenging but with a little guidance and a calm state of mind you can easily transition and set yourself up for a great year. Remember, you are not alone, and there are a ton of things you can do to make it easier for yourself when you get back from your holiday break.  

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