Art Director

Overview of the role:

Responsibilities of this role include ownership of the overall visual style and design of projects and to direct others who develop artworks and layouts.

Responsibilities of the role:
  • Actively work with different stakeholders in the creation of visual designs
  • Determine how to best visually represent client objectives
  • Understand clients’ briefs and create design recommendations
  • Understand target audience and market specifics
  • Lead a team on design projects and work creatively with deadlines
  • Graphic design and brand development
  • Concept, visualisation and hands on design
  • Selects and secures illustrative material by formulating basic layouts
  • Develop the overall look and style of a publication and/or advertising campaign
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography and graphics developed by other staff members
  • Determine which photographs, art, fonts, logo or other design elements to use
  • Create storyboards for video requirements
  • Present designs to clients for approval
  • Track and approve completed art files with the team
  • Keep up with the latest digital, social and mobile trends in advertising and marketing.
Required skills and qualifications:
  • Degree in fine arts, multimedia or related
  • Experience in art, design, creative media, advertising, media planning and / or a related field
  • Demonstrated experience in leading a team
  • Proficient with design software such as Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong aesthetics, originality, outstanding visual performance capability and colour sensitivity
  • Strong ability to review, proofread, revise and correct work
  • Ability to create and execute ideas in an efficient, organised way
  • Strong ability to provide clear creative direction and feedback to improve creative processes to keep work within schedule
  • Ability to adapt quickly to ever-evolving technology and workflow changes
  • Ability to communicate professionally with different stakeholders
  • Ability to demonstrate a strong creative sense along with strong conceptual and execution skills
  • Ability to work with multiple projects
  • Customer-focused
  • Team player, possess a positive attitude and establish a good working relationship with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.