09 August 2019
Administrative Support


Beepo is a fast-growing BPO in Clark, Pampanga with an Employee Satisfaction rate of over 96%.
You will need great English communication skills, both written and verbal. You will be supported by a great working environment, leading benefits, and an opportunity to meet your career goals. You will be able to apply your skills and innovative thinking to this role. This is an opportunity to grow your career quickly.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Attendance and permits Schedule.
  • Direct assistance and guidance for Desk case resolutions or for back office Jobs.
  • Direct channel with BuildingLink HQ, acting as an intermediary between them and the line of Agents.
  • Identify and solve HH.RR problems aND touching base with BL HQ if necessary.
  • Assign Jobs, offer training and coaching to the Staff related to BL
  • Training Coordination
  • Communicate the procedures’ updates, alert about any deviations to avoid customer complaints and answer agents’ questions about them.
  • Operation control and report generations as per BL’S request.
  • Recommend changes that could improve effectiveness.
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Working in environments under ethic operation norms and following operative processes.
  • Assistance on time and meeting compromises
  • Capacity for transmitting ideas and instructions and in a precise and clear way
  • Capacity to guide and lead team members with the organisation necessary for them to recognise the effect and results of their actions
  • As the ability to understand, articulate or solve complex situations by making decision with the available information.
  • it is key that they demonstrate awareness and the mental capacity to maintain clarity, good time management and efficiency in problem solving under pressure from time and quality expectations.
  • Ability to realise and supervise tasks with neatness, detecting and highlighting aspects to optimise these
  • Capacity to identify with the enterprise’s interests, transmit them to their team and contribute to the sentiment of belonging necessary considering the importance of managing client account information carefully.
  • Ability to integrate and cooperate to reach a common goal.
  • Action and execution when faced with everyday difficulties and problems. Implies answering to these deviations in a proactive manner without waiting to consult everyone in the hierarchal line to avoid a greater harm. Demonstrates decisive behaviour oriented towards risk analysis and finding opportunities
  • Must be willing to work in Clark, Pampanga