30 October 2020
Pricing & Fuel Administrator


This is an exciting opportunity to work with a people centric, customer focused business. Beepo is a fast-growing BPO in Clark, Pampanga with an Employee Satisfaction rate of over 96%.
You will need great English communication skills, both written and verbal. You will be supported by a great working environment, leading benefits, and an opportunity to meet your career goals. You will be able to apply your skills and innovative thinking to this role. This is an opportunity to grow your career quickly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Fuel administrators are responsible for tracking marketplace metrics and trends, as well as establishing, maintaining and analysing price reference documentation in order to uncover key market and pricing insights, such as how pricing strategy will affect the customer, and how it relates to the company’s goals.

Unmanned Sites 

  • Assisting in development of site level fuel margin and volume objectives
  • Implementing site level pricing strategies
  • Performing analysis as necessary on available fuels and marketing data to determine competitive market conditions and optimum fuel strategy
  • Preparing margin and volume forecast each period to assist in financial budgeting and earning forecast
  • Reviewing and adjusting more than 400 sites level pricing to meet volume and margin budget objectives. This includes daily reviews of competitive pricing and market level spot prices for al fuels to determine margin and cost trends
  • Maintaining and update databases, which provide pricing and site level information essential for daily pricing decision and analytical analysis of market elasticity
  • Performing statistical analysis of market data as necessary to provide the Directors with industrial and market demands on regional and national fuel trends
  • Analysing booked and flow data in order to enhance pricing strategies
  • Conducting compliance audits on assigned areas to maintain performance metric with pricing strategies at site level
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding supply management, pricing, and record keeping for all fuels, ethanol and additive handling
Supporting Retail Site Operators
  • Managing and developing sales figures (fuel, shop, dips etc.) for all retail sites
  • Reporting and distributing sales figures to directors and executives
  • Calculating fuel sales for sites if meter is not working or out of order in conjunction with the fuel variances
  • Reporting pump issues to the repair department (calibration, losses etc.)
  • Solving deliveries and other issues (banking, price changes etc.) with sites
Work Set Up - Temporary Work From Home due to COVID 19