01 April 2019
Property Management Assistant


 Beepo is fast growing BPO in the Clark, Pampanga specialising in Marketing,
Sales and Administration services.
You will need great English communication skills, both written and verbal. Work hours
are during the day You will be supported by a great working environment, leading
benefits, and an opportunity to meet your career goals.

Duties & Responsibilities:
● Receive applications from prospective clients and verify if requirements are
● Communicate with tenancy applicants and provided references
● Screen prospective tenants in databases
● Follow up on tenants with arrears
● Produce and issue notices of breach
● Schedule routine inspections and provide advisory of inspection plan
● Receive repair and maintenance requests
● Liaise or make follow ups with tradespeople or vendors
● Identify tenants with approaching end of contract
● Produce and issue lease renewals
● Database clean up by merging bios or deleting duplicates
● Profile updating by research or verification thru communication
● Ensure communications are all responded on a timely manner
● Daily coordination of completed tasks with property manager

Essential Skills & Experience:
● Background in Australian real estate is an advantage.
● Honestly want to help and assist.
● Know when to have fun but are aware when to become professional and
● Are eyeing to correctly complete tasks given to them as their goal.
● Can handle corrections and have self-responsibility.