26 April 2019
Sales Administration Support


Beepo is a fast-growing BPO in Clark, Pampanga with an Employee Satisfaction rate of over 96%.

Sales Administration Assistant: The overarching role of the sales administration assistant is to coordinate and provide administrative assistance throughout all elements of the transaction. The sales Administration Assistant will work in conjunction with the Client Experience Manage, Operations Manager and report directly to the Principal.

Lead Generation
⚫ Open reporting for email campaigns.
⚫ Data mining and research relating to properties.
⚫ Buyer matching and preparing call lists.
⚫ Produce Just listed/Just sold flyers as per template provided.
⚫ Produce Christmas cards.

⚫ Set up property in CRM and fill in details.
⚫ Background preparation for appraisal and draft appraisal.
⚫ Preparing letters using supplied template – price letters & CMA’s.

⚫ Take copy / photos / photography / video links & floorplans and upload to websites.
⚫ Add OFI schedule to websites.
⚫ Drafting all sales related contracts before 1st Open For Inspection (OFI).
⚫ Drafting sales contract for Agent to check and execute.
⚫ SMS reminder for campaigns for OFIs.
⚫ Lead generation tracking as above.
⚫ Drafting feedback report.
⚫ Complete client experience touch points, SMS & EMAIL templates at key milestones.
⚫ Update stock reports – in prep, sold, exchange pending settlement.

⚫ Finalising contract for offer.
⚫ Post signing updating CRM.
⚫ Drafting templated confirmation letters and correspondence.
⚫ Tracking progress of key dates and raising any known issues.
⚫ Assisting to confirm appointments or actions with key stakeholders such as entry schedules, repairs, pre-settlement inspections, keys.

⚫ Assisting with final documentation and reports.
⚫ Updating CRM records once property has settled.
⚫ Following up testimonials.
⚫ Customer service surveys / NPS RATE MY AGENT.

Liaise and book in TTC year calendar events.
Organise monthly trophies i.e. sales, listings and prospecting awards.