A shot of the new Beepo outsourcing building.

More Jobs At Beepo Clark For Employment Seekers

by: Patricia Katigbak |


12 September 2014, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines — BEEPO, Inc. is offering over 250 job positions this year including roles in Accounting and Bookkeeping, Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Social Media, Administrative posts as well as openings for Call Agents and others. In line with this, the Australian-owned and managed company has launched its recruitment site www.beepo.com.ph to facilitate a speedy, web-based hiring process.

The site features a no-fuss online recruitment portal for any job-seeker wanting to join Beepo. Application steps, forms and access to the online pre-qualifying tests are available and are easy to navigate. Various job descriptions and qualifications needed can be easily viewed and be applied to for quick processing. Apart from this, the site also offers essentials like test-taking and interview tips for aspirants, blog articles and videos to encourage and guide candidates.

Need for Jobs

The National Statistics Office estimates an 8.6% unemployment rate for 2014, with the Central Luzon region coming in third in the ranks of most unemployed populations. Notably, among those surveyed, over 22% comprise college graduates that represent untapped prime human resource. With more and more companies like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms investing in Clark, Pampanga, it is inevitably seen that hopefuls will have increased opportunities for work.

As companies also continue to spread out of Manila, the Clark business hub is quickly becoming fertile ground for growing businesses and hiring highly-educated and skilled employees. Fluency in English is also an advantage for Filipino job seekers that are looking for placement in the BPO sector. It is because of this that the Philippines has outranked India in 2011 as the Call Center Capital of the world.

Late Nights, Late Calls, Lost Lives

The majority of local BPOs provide services to American corporations and this has created an emerging middle class comprised mainly of employees coming from outsourcing firms. In these companies, an employee can make up to $20,000 a year, nearly or even more than twice the salary that one can earn from local enterprises. While this perk attracts many job seekers, it comes with a price.

The difference in time zones forces Filipino BPO employees to take graveyard shifts that eventually take a toll on their health and their social and family lives as well. Work-related stress coupled with high accomplishment targets make them susceptible to illnesses like high-blood pressure and sleep disorders.

The Australian Invasion

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of Australian organizations outsourcing various core and non-core positions to offshore service providers in the Philippines. And while Manila has been the dominant choice for locations, Clark, located an hour north, is quickly becoming the better choice for Aussie business-owners wanting to get away from the overly-congested capital.

Over a quarter of a million jobs will be sent to the Philippines from Queensland businesses alone in the next ten years. According to outsourcing expert and entrepreneur Scott Linden Jones, about 50,000 jobs will be outsourced to the country this year. With progressive support from the Philippine government, the industry has developed close to a $15 billion USD economy, quadruple the amount that it was in 2006.

Aussie BPO clients also offer a niche advantage over their contemporaries given the close time zones, where cities like Brisbane and Sydney are only 2 hours ahead of Philippine time. This means that work starts at 7 in the morning and ends at 4 o’clock in the afternoon with Saturdays and Sundays off, very much in contrast to the harsh night shifts in others.

Employees are happy to say that they are able to be more present in the lives of their children — that they are able to help with their kids’ homework or to cook dinner for their families — and that they are able to have more time to de-stress from the demands of work.

Beepo’s Work-Life Balance

Beepo is one of the multitude of BPOs headquartered in Clark offering employment candidates the same competitive salaries in the industry but offers its employees and hopefuls advantages in its advocacy of Work/Life Balance, allowing its employees a less stressful working environment without the sleepless nights.

According to Aimee Engelmann, founder and CEO of Beepo, “We are in the people business, not the outsourcing business… what we ask the team to do is switch on when at work, do a great job, and deliver for clients then leave work on time, and be with family and friends… We recognise that great work/life balance combined with development opportunities is crucial for our staff.” She also added that Beepo intentionally provides services to Australian SMEs (small to medium scale enterprises) which also ensures that clients share the same business ideologies and drive for innovation and for sharing of knowledge and resources.

Beepo operates in Philexcel Business Center 6, and is looking for qualified prospective hires for its rapidly expanding business. To apply, visit its recruitment site at www.beepo.com.ph.