Photo of Beepo employee on a radio interview and talked about how to write a job winning resume and acing the Job interview.

On-air Discussion on DWAU 104.1FM

by: Patricia Katigbak |


29 February, 2016, Angeles City, Philippines – Beepo’s highlight on-air discussion starred the topics How to write a Job-winning resume and Acing the job interview. Two topics that were deemed timely in preparing upcoming fresh graduates in their pursuit of landing a job.

The discussion was lead by Beepo’s recruitment team’s very own Rayn-Ane Louise Bonus and Myron Glenn Fernando.

Job-winning resume

Before thinking about what you’ll do during the interview, think about your profile first. No not your Facebook profile, you professional profile; your resume. Writing a good resume takes a lot of time and research, sometimes even trial and error that takes up a lot of time and effort. Here are some key tips you need to remember: Keep it simple, highlight your accomplishments, make it accurate as possible and organize it to look professional.

Acing the job interview

In acing an interview, remember BEEPO: Be on time, Expect the unexpected, Engage, Poise, Own it! Acing a job interview doesn’t start only during the interview proper, preparing for the interview plays a crucial part in increasing your odds in nailing your dream job. Do not be late but if it’s inevitable make sure you inform the company about it. During the interview, be confident, it’s all about your experience and what you can offer to the company. Engage in conversation with the recruiter and ask questions, this shows your level of interest in being part of their company. Carry yourself professionally, sit up straight and keep your movements minimal. Maintain eye contact and answer each question the best way you can.

Make most of the interview be sure that you will be able to cover all grounds and share everything that the recruiter needs to know about you. Highlight your strengths and amplify your achievements, rise above their expectations. Own it!

Listen to the Interview here: