Category: Other Roles

Architect Job Responsibilities:
Designing new buildings, alterations, extensions, or restoration projects. Working with clients to ensure their designs are functional and within budgetary restraints.

Architect Job Duties:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss project objectives, needs, and budget
  • Preparing and presenting design proposals, including detailed drawings of finished buildings, renovations, or restorations
  • Meeting with construction professionals and clients to discuss feasibility of designs
  • Reviewing local rules and regulations to ensure the construction project falls within all constraints
  • Creating detailed drawings and specifications for architectural projects
  • Specifying the materials needed for construction of projects
  • Working with computer-aided design software to create blueprints and images
  • Working with contractors, surveyors, and building service engineers to create a construction schedule and bring the designs to fruition
  • Coordinating work between various contractors
  • Supervising construction of buildings to ensure projects meet deadlines, stay on budget, and adhere to the original vision for the design
  • Visiting proposed locations and building sites
  • Resolving issues that come up during construction
  • Participating in project management throughout the construction

Architect Skills and Qualifications:

  • Outstanding Visualization Skills
  • Understanding of Construction Technologies
  • Visual Communication Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Drawing Skills
  • Ability to Work With Three-Dimensional Designs
  • Inventiveness
  • Interest in People and the Environment
  • Knowledge of Building Codes
  • Registration with the Architect’s Registration Board
  • Minimum of Seven Years Combined Study and Practical Experience
  • Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • High Levels of Creativity
  • Ability to Work Well Under Pressure
  • Willingness to Work Long Hours
  • Analytical Mind
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Ability to Work Well on a Team
  • Project Management Skills