Engineer Job Responsibilities
Utilises mechanical and electrical engineering skills and expertise to resolve technical issues, including fault-finding and problem analysis, parts maintenance and procurement, and timely repairs. Attends to routine maintenance and anticipates future problems, performing repairs as needed to keep all systems in good working order.

Engineer Job Duties
Assess and repair mechanical or electrical failures
Accurately and in a timely manner document engineering processes, parts used and discarded, repairs done, and the causes of each failure
Log all repair time
Keep engineering tools, such as manuals, safety protocols, parts, and work tools, up to date and available to staff
Communicate with clients and customers about work time, fault repairs, and downtime, working to minimise customer wait time and maximise solution efficiency
Provide excellent customer service
Adhere closely to repair schedules
Perform routine maintenance and preventative repairs on existing systems
Possess contract knowledge and ensure all work is done to proper risk management procedure standards
Conduct testing on existing systems and on new parts and materials, and communicate with customers about project-specific testing and timelines
Manage other engineering staff members and liaise with third-party contractors
Maintain a good working relationship with clients, third-party contractors, and parts vendors

Engineer Skills and Qualifications
Engineering Degree, Apprenticeship or Previous Work Experience, City and Guilds Engineering Qualification, Knowledge of Machinery, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Experience,