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Photo of an Estimator working on a project.

Estimator Responsibilities:

  • Estimating engineers are involved in providing analytical reviews on various corporate level projects and aide the senior management to take crucial operational decisions on existing and upcoming projects. They have to estimate the overall impact of the project on the organization and make sure that the amount of finance included in that particular project reaps profit for the company.

Estimator Duties:

  • Estimating engineers are involved in projecting the estimated cost of upcoming projects in the company
  • Budget management is an important aspect of the survival of an organization, and estimating engineers aide the operational activities of the organization by evaluating the exact expenditure a company requires to invest
  • They evaluate the current market scenario and determine if the company will be profitable by investing in certain markets, or by bidding for a particular contract
  • They also determine the profit value involved if the company invests in a new endeavor
  • Estimating engineers are also referred to as cost estimators, as their basic job responsibilities require them to estimate the cost involved in various investments
  • The basic job responsibilities of all estimating engineers is similar, and it does not depend on the type of industries they prefer to work in
  • Other roles and responsibilities may vary accordingly, depending on the type and magnitude of the project

Estimator Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering field
  • An understanding of costing and accounting, as he has to deal with analyzing the data for cost management
  • Basic computer knowledge for running the data analysis in automated software systems
  • A working knowledge of MS Office (Word / Excel), and Adobe softwares is preferred
  • Relevant work experience on estimating engineering
  • Strong oral and verbal communication skills for preparing reports and carrying out negotiations
  • Strong analytical skills for preparing accurate estimation reports
  • Multitasking abilities for meeting the scheduled deadline
  • Leadership and management skills and effective time management skills