Property Management Assistant

Category: Real Estate Roles

Photo of a Property Management Assistant working.

Property Management Assistant Job Responsibilities
Perform management business support functions within the Residential or Commercial Property Management market and/or platform, serving mostly as first contact with tenants, vendors, and clients. In addition, assist in budget preparation and works directly with Portfolio Managers and Director.

Property Management Assistant Job Duties

  • Receive applications from prospective clients and verify if requirements are
  • Communicate with tenancy applicants and provided references
  • Screen prospective tenants in databases
  • Follow up on tenants with arrears
  • Produce and issue notices of breach
  • Schedule routine inspections and provide advisory of inspection plan
  • Receive repair and maintenance requests
  • Liaise or make follow ups with tradespeople or vendors
  • Identify tenants with approaching end of contract
  • Produce and issue lease renewals
  • Database clean up by merging bios or deleting duplicates
  • Profile updating by research or verification thru communication
  • Ensure communications are all responded on a timely manner
  • Daily coordination of completed tasks with property manager

Property Management Assistant Skills and Qualifications

  • Background in Australian real estate is an advantage
  • Honestly want to help and assist
  • Know when to have fun but are aware when to become professional and appropriate
  • Are eyeing to correctly complete tasks given to them as their goal
  • Can handle corrections and have self-responsibility