Sales Representative

Category: Sales Roles

Photo of a Sales Representative on Beepo taking some calls.

Sales Representative Job Responsibilities:
Meets customer needs by being available around the clock. Sells products to consumers to meet their needs and desires.

Sales Representative Job Duties:

  • Finds new and innovative ways of meeting the demands and needs of customers
  • Contributes to the sales team by meeting deadlines and goals
  • Travels to meet with potential clients
  • Allows sales team to make their goals by contributing to a team atmosphere
  • Acts as a liaison between manufacturer and retail stores
  • Makes sure that all products are in proper placement
  • Sets up displays as necessary
  • Meets with clients regarding product sales and promotions
  • Invents new and innovative ideas for product promotion
  • Works with other departments to meet sales goals
  • Resolves any and all customer complaints as it pertains to the products
  • Makes face-to-face sales with any consumers
  • Makes orders as it pertains to products in store locations
  • Provides pamphlets and other written material to encourage consumers to purchase products
  • Analyzes the competition to prevent a decline in sales and maintain market share
  • Attends any conventions that promote the sale of the product
  • Engages customers by finding their needs and resolves any complaints that a customer may have
  • Writes orders and ensures that product arrives in a timely fashion
  • Motivates others in the sales department to meet sales goals

Sales Representative Skills and Qualifications:

  • People Person
  • Sales Oriented
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Financial Analysis
  • Product Knowledge
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Great Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Financial Ratio Knowledge
  • Client Relationship Management