Tips to make your LinkedIn profile recruiter proof

Tips to make your LinkedIn profile recruiter proof

by: Patricia Katigbak |


The effort of applying for a job from printing your resume and passing them to different organisations can be exhausting. But now thanks to technology and the internet, landing your dream job is just a click away. 

Same goes with recruiters. Recruiting a skilled individual for an open role can be nerve-wracking and exhausting at the sametime. Luckily, thanks to platforms like LinkedIn, finding the right candidate for the right role is easy. 

Want to know what recruiters look for in a LinkedIn profile for them to come up with the conclusion that you are the right fit for the role? 

Below are our top 5 tips on how your profile can be recruiter proof on LinkedIn: 

  1. Headline

    Your headline will be one of the most compelling aspects of your LinkedIn profile. Often than not, this part of your profile will contain your name and job title. This data is very important as this is the make or break moment for any recruiter. Recruiters look at this and decide whether to read through your profile or not.

    This section should have a few words that can tell the recruiter about the industry you are currently in or related to. For example, mentioning just ” Digital Marketer” will not work well but if you describe “Digital Marketer with an outsourcing company” it adds more depth to the headline.

  2. Summary

    LinkedIn summaries are very similar to your resume summaries. In this portion, take note to creatively write out your core skills, accomplishments, and specialisations. By being short and concise with your summary, you are giving the recruiters a good overview and understanding of what you have done and your baseline skill set.

  3. Completeness is the key

    When your profile is complete, recruiters often prioritise your application first. Once they clicked on your LinkedIn profile and decided to look through your details, the recruiter would like to easily identify 3 traits. What you did, where you worked, and what people think of you. So make sure to be specific and do not skip any details that add value to your profile.

  4. Easy to read

    You also need to understand that recruiters are always scanning resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other applications. With all the stuff, make sure your profile is easy to read. When you make your profile too dense, it makes it hard for the recruiters to scan through to find points they really want to see. Remember, recruiters would rather like to see expressive statements and impactful achievements.

  5. Open to opportunities

    If you are open to new opportunities make sure to mention it in your profile. Keep in mind that recruiters don’t have too much time to screen your profile. By mentioning this in your profile, you are not wasting their time, and they can focus on looking for candidates who are interested in new opportunities.

Bonus tip! 

You need to be actively engaging on posts that are related to recruitment and/ your chosen career and industry so that recruiters can see that you are active on LinkedIn. This will result in making you easier to search and reach. 

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