Nick Odgen Beepo's Country Manager gives tips for interviewing with an Australian business owner.

Top 5 Tips To Ace The Final Interview

by: Patricia Katigbak |


We asked Nick, our National Sales Manager, about his top 5 tips for acing the final interview with an Australian business owner and here’s what he said…


“First impressions last” is probably one of the most popular quote of advice; for a good reason. Being able to present yourself properly in an interview is just as valuable as the skills you have in your arsenal.

Dress for success, yes, what you wear for an interview still plays a significant role in bagging your dream job. In this age of fashion where everyone is dressing up for just about any occasion, a job interview is one you’d definitely want to spruce up for.

Confidence is key, bring your “A game”. Know how to sell yourself by highlighting your skills and experience. Most business owners prefer someone who could speak their thoughts and present it in an understandable and professional manner.

When things get too nerve-racking, don’t forget to take a breath, relax and smile! Know that you got this!


The Internet is a powerful tool that can help you ace an interview. Most of the information you need to know about the company can be found online, so do your research! Business owners often favor candidates who knows a thing or two about the company and their core values.

Having an understanding of what their business is all about can give you the edge to answer simple yet important questions such as “What do you know about our company?” or “What are your thoughts on our website?”.

Over-preparing for an interview is much better than not knowing what to say. If you really want it, you have to prepare for it!


There are times that an interviewer would be asking close-ended questions, which lead candidates to only answer with either a yes or a no. Given that you’re trying to “impress”, a simple short answer is not gonna cut it.

Engage! Make sure your answers are properly discussed between you and the interviewer. Speak at a solid pace and expound on your answers. Engaging in a conversation not only helps you relax and become comfortable, it also shows your confidence and enthusiasm.

Remember to ask questions, just because you’re the applicant doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to ask questions. Ask about the expectations on position, how the company is going and even the business owner’s goal or visition to show that you’re really interested. Feel free to ask!


Do not apply for a position based only on the job title. It’s a common mistake by a lot of candidates to apply for a position without even reading the job description. This becomes a problem down the road because candidates tend to retract their applications after finding out they don’t possess the skills required or are not capable of performing the tasks indicated in the job description.

Review the job description thoroughly and familiarize yourself with all the tools and software required for the role because the business owner would most likely test you by asking about your skills and qualifications to see if you’re exactly who they’re looking for.


Towards the end of the interview, ask for feedback. Learn from all the pointers that the interviewer will share and use them to your advantage. A job seeker’s journey doesn’t not stop with one interview so take the time to develop yourself and learn from your mistakes. Asking for feedback is one the keys that will help you secure your dream job.

Hope these tips help you with your next job interview! Good luck and we look-forward in having you part of our Beepo team!

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