Photo of Beepo employees on a radio interview and them sharing some tips on how to create a portfolio.

Why build your portfolio?

by: Patricia Katigbak |


Having a portfolio when applying for a job is one good way to market yourself to prospective employers because not only can it highlight your skills but it also sets you apart from other applicants. It gives you the edge that you need, so that the employer chooses you.

It must not be mistaken as a replacement to your resume but merely to support and add credibility to your experiences and skills. A portfolio is a way for you to exhibit your works. It’s a presentation of your abilities and your accomplishments.

So how does one create a portfolio? Which samples of your work should you include? And what is the best way to present it?

Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer or content writer, we got you covered! Listen to the recording below as Keempee, Nica and Keem talks about “How to create a portfolio” during their radio guesting interview with DWAU 104.1 FM.

Listen to the Interview here: