Work from home checklist to support your mental health

by: Patricia Katigbak |


The  Premier Value Provider Inc. or PVP recently released a survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic and community quarantine were affecting the mental health of workers here in the Philippines. The results showed a clear increase in mental health issues with a substantial percentage of the 450 respondents experiencing critical levels of stress (15%), anxiety (29%) and depression (21%).

According to One News PH , employees who work from home during this pandemic reported higher levels of anxiety and depression compared to those who worked on-site or a combination of both. 

To help your overcome this, we have created a checklist to support your mental health while working from home during this pandemic: 

1. Create a routine

Avoid doing things like waking up then going straight to your workspace. Create a daily routine that separates your personal time from work time. When you wake up be sure to do the things you normally do before going to the office like dressing up for work and eating a healthy breakfast. This will help you start the day in a positive frame of mind. 

2. Take breaks

Be sure not to skip your regular breaks such as breakfast and lunch breaks. Those breaks are breathers for you to reset yourself and relax before going back to work and finishing strong. Work can be stressful at times and can even burn you out if you work straight from your regular 9:00 am to 5:00 pm work shift with no breaks. 

3. Set boundaries and create your own “workplace” at home

Recent studies show that working from home can interfere with sleep. Especially for people who find it difficult to switch off from work. Be sure to avoid setting up your workspace inside your bedroom as to avoid being tempted to work over your regular working hours. If it is unavoidable because of other circumstances. Make sure that you have the discipline to stop when your shift is over.

4. Stay connected and support one another

Being proactive and staying connected with your co-workers and/or managers will help you maintain a positive relationship with them and also help reduce stress levels. Just by merely asking how their day was going before jumping on the real topic of the meeting can help them feel that they are not alone and they are less isolated.

5. Try digital detoxing 

The digital world can be stressful with all the news that has been circulating about our current situation and can even make it difficult for us to switch-off. Avoid staying online after working hours and spend some quality time with your family or even start a hobby that you always wanted to do. 

6. Focus more on the good than the bad

In our current situation focusing more on the silver linings can improve our mental state. For example working from home improves our productivity, lowers the time and cost you spend going to work and vice versa, improves work satisfaction, and reduces your chance of contracting COVID.

7. Go out once in a while 

With all the restrictions during quarantine the safest way to go out is just by taking a stroll in your neighborhood and exercise your eyes with some natural light. Going outside and seeing nature can help brighten up your mood. 

8. Stay healthy, stay fit, stay positive. 

Eating right, staying fit, and getting the right amount of vitamins every day can help maintain your good mental health as well as boost your immune system. Always stay positive and believe that better days are coming. 

Your end goal is to maintain good mental health while working at home during this pandemic. 

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