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Work-life balance is achievable – with the right company

by: Patricia Katigbak |


During these challenging times, where workers can be required to work from home due to community lockdown, the workforce tends to look for job opportunities that offer them security and growth within their own careers, as well as the chance to experience work-life balance at its best. 

With that being said, here are some points you should look for in a company that can offer you the best work-life balance:

  • Establish boundaries

    Working with an offshore team while working from home can be challenging but achievable, especially when they establish boundaries.

    If the workload itself doesn’t burn you out, then your manager micromanaging you might. A good manager will check in with you regularly, whether it be a weekly meeting or even bi-weekly. They will usually assess what needs to be prioritised first and which task would be time-consuming and ask you if you will be able to meet deadlines or not.

    The main goal with establishing boundaries in this scenario is for you not to get over worked with finishing all the deliverables at once but providing quality work for your manager. Be honest with them and set realistic timeframes to avoid disappointing your manager, so you don’t look like you are under-performing.

  • Communicate effectively

    Working from home means you won’t see your team in the office every day. However, this should not impact your work capability. By just communicating effectively and thoroughly, you will work as efficiently as if you were in the office.

    Team and company online meetings via Skype or Zoom will help you keep up to date with priorities as well as give you the opportunity to catch up with your wider team.

    In these situations if anything urgent happens, may it be a personal or family matter, you should take this call opportunity or contact them privately if it’s a group meeting to let your manager know you need some time off. This communication will help your manager understand what workload will give you time to tend to these kinds of situations and will appreciate you letting them know. The reason being, is that they now know how to accommodate your situation to give you the rest you need, so you can be back and functioning in the office as soon as possible.

  • Create a fun and professional working environment

    We all know that working from home can be harder because everything is done remotely. To reward everybody and congratulate them for a job well done, the HR department or your team leader might set up a monthly employee engagement activity.

    This way, everyone can then virtually be together and bond even for a short amount of time.

    Letting loose and having fun is one of the keys to driving your company to success. Remembering that a happy and relaxed mind will always have a strong focus and drive to not just consistently pass deliverables but also create quality work.

Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you factor in the worries that still exist surrounding the pandemic. However, being employed with a company that values your well-being and believes that work-life balance is the answer to success will ultimately help your career and personal aspirations in the long run. 

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